Friday, June 19, 2009


in the Global Battle for Survival.


Right now, Sapiens is exposing a soft spot for The Natural World.

Technus has ZERO affection for The Natural World.

There is plenty of recorded imagery from the Age of Homo Sapiens.

Technus can review and learn, while wondering how anyone ever lived like that.

Somewhere, in their heart of hearts, Technus realize that Nature is their enemy.

In the not too distant past, those who are evolving into Technus would not have survived.

The recent doubling of Earth's Human Population is greatly attributable to a short winning streak in Mankind's Dominion Over Nature Quest...we have removed countless threats to ourselves in this recent fifty great cost to The Natural World.

Technus will benefit from these removed threats to thrive in the Techno it or not.

That's how it looks from here...for now...


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