Saturday, July 18, 2009


The realization that our everyday actions alter Earth's Atmosphere isn't anything new.

Global planting of fearful suggestions, predicting dire consequences as a result of said actions...on a massive, media powered scale, is.

Recycled 60s rhetoric, twisted by a bunch of Ivory Tower Cowards into Save the Earth...or pompously spewed from on high.

Right this instant, in The Halls of Power, all over the Globe, powermongers are positioning themselves for what's to come.

These clowns are planning to legislate Earth's Future Climate in the name of Global Economic Stability.

While the confused, cowering masses hope for the best.

The big boys are playing now.

Hey, Kids...if ya want what they're pitchin'...prepare to play along...or die.

The big time Think Tanks of The Eighties prognosticated and pontificated loudly and clearly about the upcoming Global Economic War.

In the History books, this period of time will be called The Globalization Crisis...unless things escalate to WWIII.

For those of us living through these tumultuous times, it is our lives.

For the first time, Humans everywhere are being to told to consciously adapt on cue, or die.

In the so-called Climate ( ACO2 ) Crisis, no matter which side you are on, believer or denier, the consequences frighten you...even if your side wins.

This is happening because the powermongers have every reason to believe we are dumb as rocks.

We have fallen for their nonsense up until now.

There is zero indication that this trend won't continue.

We can no longer afford to remain as stupidly complacent as we have become.

In the survival game, mental toughness has always proven necessary.

It is the reason we are Earth's current Climax Animal.

Right now we are operating with noggins full of quivering jello...generously swirled with synaptic swill.

Wake Up...Get Over It...Forge Ahead...


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