Saturday, June 6, 2009


I want to go on the record in favor of Sir Richard and Algore being charged with Crimes Against Humanity in the name of Self-Promotion.

Every death related to The Anthropogenic Hot Air Crisis...whether from extreme stress over all the doubt, eventual starvation due to panicked hording by the wealthy, or actual gunshot murder in the ensuing their fault!

Don't you agree that blindsiding the populace with their carefully calculated, Branson generated media blitz of purposeful lies is inexcuseable?

When the Branson/Gore assault first began with The Virgin Earth Challenge, Live Earth, Algore's movie, all the awards, etc., I knew it would catch on because there was an empowering aspect in a time when futility seemed the order of the day.

We can't stop terrorism, comets from Outer Space, or rapidly mutating viral pandemics, but we can still Save the Earth by using Corn Oil to run our cars.

A few trips to the recycle center in our alternatively fueled vehicles, and we are all Earth Saviours.

That's what I call Empowerment Lite.

Brought to you by the latest Religiofervent Climate Gibberish...otherwise known as Ecobabbleism.

It didn't take a genius to figger out that lotsa frightened, impressionable Folks would jump aboard the Branson/Gore BandWagon.

OK...not all bad...we need some pull togetherness right now.

The mess we've made is catching up...threatening to overwhelm us...and there's no place else to go.

Heightened Global Awareness of this self-defeating behavior can't hurt in the long run.

However, this thing is out of control right now.

Politicians are actually vying for control of Earth's Future Climate.

Whoever wins, there will be casualties...all on Algore and Sir Richard in my book.

Let's hold them accountable.

Neither one misses a Photo Op when it's all good.

Let's see how they respond when the caca is in the fan.

It's as simple as that!


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