Thursday, June 4, 2009



To set the tone...

Picture Algore seated in rapt attention at Sir Richard's feet while glorious tales of Media Wizardry are spun by the Virgin Boss.

Media Novice, Algore, is wide eyed, mouth agape, lapping up the wealth dripping from His Master's Voice.

Sounds like the opening lines of a really bizarre Fairy Tale...straight out of Make-Believe...don'tchathink?


Algore and Sir Richard successfully took Environmentalism from the Granola Factory to the Video Arcade.

Following in the great tradition of American Fads, from Hula-Hoops, through Mood Rings and Pet Rocks, all the way up to The Climate Crisis...these two guys used Toons and Tunes to introduce Hippie Gibberish and Tree Huggin' fretfullness into the Pop Culture mix.

That's OK...we really do make one hell of a mess with little regard for those who come after us.

It comes from American Expansionist Bravado...we all know the feeling.

Now...this feeling has been played with, using the full power of the media, to generate a sense of guilt...compliments of the Earth Juggling Yahoos you see pictured above.

That said, it's now part of us...inextricably...for better, or worse.

The downside is...Adaptation via Popular Culture is where this all leads.

As soon as long range efforts to manage Earth's Climate...( as our newly aware, recently indoctrinated selfs demand from our leaders )...begin in earnest...all based upon initiatives begun by former Mall Slackers turned Environmentalists...we gotta live with the consequences...while Algore and Sir Richard reap huge profits...and reside in clear air.

Take these thoughts along as you proceed.

Why do those who would lead us into The Future think guilt trips are the best motivation?

I heard Sir Richard tell a Weather Channel reporter he got involved out of guilt.

Algore is a Sixty Year Old Guy...

His formative years were the Hey Days of guilt trips.



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