Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I am a Skeptic and Global Warming Denier.

Climate Depot has brought it to my attention that there are those who would do me bodily harm for taking this stance and offering my opinion.

Bring it on, M'fers.

I challenge Algore, Sir Richard Branson, and any of the bandwagon-jumping, coattail- riding, envirocapitalists who have fallen in line over the past couple of years to change my mind.

Let's have a mock trial via Climate Depot...The Court of Public Opinion should rule on this topic.

Prove me wrong and you can burn my ol' carcass at the on Current TV.

I think you are all a bunch of pathetic, deer in the headlights looking, sixty year old guys...trying to spiff up your epitaphs and smear the overbearing guilt you feel onto Earth's Young, while still capitalizing on the same type of mass fear and ignorance which allowed Potentates of Yore to control the populace via public heart eating, sacrificing virgins, demanding tribute and the like.

There are obviously details left to be worked out, but I am ready whenever anybody else is.

Buncha Ivory Tower's that?

Presented by...

The Gaia Program...founded 1982...dedicated to peaceful exploration of our Universe.

Don't is part of the Universe.

The Gaia Program is an Impoverished Philanthropy, operated and funded by Yours Truly, Rebel Hundredaire.

Stay tuned for further developments...


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  1. Hold that thought, Steve! Since you posted your challenge, Current TV has had to lay off 25% of its staff. They're a little shorthanded at the moment and have had to postpone your barbecue show indefinitely. Well, so much for Algore's brilliant business acumen ...